• Our Birthday Boxes are an entire birthday celebration that is assembled, packaged & then delivered in a box to the child (ages 3-11) and their family for FREE. This gives them the opportunity to have a birthday celebration at home or anywhere they would like. We also incorporate literacy through various partnerships by including an age-appropriate book in each box.

  • Through our Birthday Bashes, we provide monthly group bashes for various educational institutions serving elementary-aged learners. Books are also chosen by each celebrant to promote literacy and we implement various components of Social and Emotional Learning into our activities.

We believe that if you show children that you value their lives, they will in turn value themselves and others. By doing so, we are providing an experience with a focus on education and a sense of belonging. Through the literacy and Social and Emotional aspects of our programs, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of children.


Please note that due to the spread of COVID-19. Birthday Boxes have been slightly changed to promote social distancing. Please see the COVID update at the top of our website for more information.